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Hosts Lil MC and UnLearn The World, take you on a wild ride every Friday. Get ready for unfiltered discussions and new music, with special sexy segments and guest interviews. Prepare to get ratchet, woke and raw!

Ratchet and Woke Podcast| Season 2: Episode 32- In Da Streets Feat: Mandella Eskia

May 13th, 2021

Wasssup planet earthlings!! It's been a wild week on all fronts but we here to give it up! We are sitting down with Mandella Eskia, a rapper and hip hop educator from out in Harlem who found a way to make mature rap digestible and dope without sounding preachy (which is no easy feat). We also get into all the new music that's about to drop (yayyyyy J. Cole) Elan Musk on SNL (I like elan tusk from Rick and Morty wayyy better), cancel culture killing comedy and music, the rock and roll hall of fame inductees (yesss Tina turner and Hov!!) and @unlearntheworld breaks down the entire Israel Palestine conflict.i

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 31 Ass N Titties (Featuring Ray Reck)

May 6th, 2021

We killed it this pod for real for real! ANNDDDD we got to interview the amazing delightful mysticsl DJ/PRODUCER/AUDIO ENGINEER Ray Reck!!!! She produces and mixes so many different genres of music I literally don’t even know half of them! Not only that, but she’s been dropping entire projects left and right, and they are all different genres. We really bust it wide open on em with this episode as we reveal how social media is negatively impacting the youth in this generation. Seriously, tik tok and snap chat are the devil people….. We cross examine Flavor of Love and Rock of Love, talk about how an old ass natasha bendingfield song got remixed by rappers and went viral on tik tok and MORE! What  a wild wild world we live in! 

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 30 Root Chakra Shit (Featuring Jada Amani)

April 29th, 2021

and it dont stoppppp and it dont quit so we are here ready to deliver everything you need to know about whatever we deem is important for the culture and life! We are blessed with an amazingly articulate and artistic guest who came from St. Louis to Oakland, and has been holding it down in the east bay for 10 years, Jada Amani. She drops gems like snow white's dwarves with a hole in their satchel, no lie! She out here quoting Octavia Butler like its nothing! So tap in with us as we get into her artistic journey, her astrological knowledge, her travels to the big isalnd and Thailand, and her work in the community and upcoming projects. We also talk about how much money it takes to break an artist into the industry, the new lil kim book thats bout to drop, how people really feel about transparency on social media, and our deep dive into the Tina Turner doc! 

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 29 Cyber Punk (Featuring Cony)

April 22nd, 2021

You know what time it is, we here with another episode of Ratchet and woke podcast with an incredibly special guest all the way from Jersey. Cony, a poet, rapper and RNB artist tapped in with us today and told us about his origin story, how rapping about his pain, depression, and loss led him to getting featured on hot 97 and eventually led to features on CBS, FOX NEWS, Billboard hip hop, and even getting co-signs by The Game. We also cover everything you need to know about whats going on in the culture, as we give condolences to another rap legend lost, Shock G of the legendary hip hop group Digital Underground. We also get into music brain micro chips, Roy Wood Jr on intervening to support afro-asian solidarity, the conspiracy of King Kong vs Godzilla, and how everyones root chakra is misaligned.  

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 28 Lyrical Miracle (Featuring Cold Medina)

April 15th, 2021

From NYC to the Bay, your favorite hosts Unlearn The World and Lil MC are back at it again this week. Unlearn the World may be in New York City this week but we still here to cover everything good , sexy, freaky bad and horrifying. This week we are joined by the incredibly talented  Bay Area Emcee and Activist Cold Medina and we got the exclusive inside scoop on;  his upcoming album dropping, filming music videos in Miami, and what his original slightly embarrassing original MC name used to be…. yes you heard it first here! We also break down the Tiger Woods Doc, remember the legend DMX, and ponder on how embarrassing it will be for all of us once TVs start running ads based on all the shameful things in our google search engine… AND MUCH MUCH MORE. So tap tap tap in. 

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 27 Nigerian Prince (Featuring Gid Nasty) )

April 8th, 2021

We back at it with that magicccccccccc boom! This week we are joined by bay area B Boy Legend, and our first Breakdancer to join us on the pod, Gideon AKA Gid Nasty! Gideon is not only the most talented break dancer we've ever met, but he is also incredibly hilarious and gives no fucks about giving it all up on the pod.  He gives us the lowdown about Nigerian princes, the b boy beef with turfers, and how he ended up with three ladies in the club. We also get into AI recreating music from dead music legends, why people feel the need to vaccine on social media, and LiL MC's Tarot Card spirit animal of the month! 

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 26 Devil’s Advocate (Featuring Amani Jade)

April 1st, 2021

What an absolutely amazing podcast, chock-filled with non stop  riveting content…. wow -lemme rewind- there were too many buzz words in that first sentence for me to handle… We back at it again folks! This week the streets been wilin over LiL Nas X, Quavo x Saweetie, Governor Cuomo, and MORE NFTS. With us as our expert correspondant on the LiL Nas X controversy is Amani Jade, friend of the show, and one part of the podcast duo “React Black” a weekly twitch stream featuring herself and her partner and fellow rapper Sumofman. We dive deep into all of the cultural nuances, lashbacks, conspiracies and uproar over LiL Nas X’s latest music video and trust me- you will be further enlightened after this interview. So tap in with us and stay ratchet and woke on all fronts, or get left in the dust with all the other basic boring normies…. Au Revoir! 

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 25 Water Signs (Featuring Bonnie Blue)

March 25th, 2021

Hello world welcome to another episode from the best podcast in the universe. Today we are in for a treat as we interview one of the most delightfully entertaining artists you’ll ever meet, Bonnie Blue. We literally go through an autobiographical journey into her life in this interview and I’m pretty sure someone needs to make it a film because her life is quite fascinating. We also talk about rapper snitching on themselves in their lyrics, why America has more guns than people, people not being stupid when events open, and if Trina should go against LiL Kim in the next Versuz battle. You know the vibezzzz. 

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 17 Magic is Unquantified Science

March 18th, 2021

greetings earthlings, it is LiL MC and Unlearn The World invading your air waves with a brand new episode of Ratchet and Woke Podcast. A lot went down this week from the Grammy's, to music festivals announcing lineups, to the horrific shooting in Atlanta, we’re here to cover it all. So don’t sleep on the gods of pods, we’re here to give you break downs, reactions, and insight to everything hip hop, pop culture, and metaphysical. 

Ratchet and Woke Podcast|Season 2: Episode 23 Big Fish (Featuring Mike Fish)

March 12th, 2021

Welcome to episode 23 of the greatest pod on earth featuring long time friend of the show Mike Fish. Also, happy international WOMENS APPRECIATION MONTH AND WEEK AND YEAR YALL BERRR BERRR BERRRRR (thats an airhorn). We back at it again recording our latest podcast on the heels of another women's empowerment workshop and we start the pod by paying a lil homage the ladies. We also get into NFT’s and how you can become an overnight celeb if you play ya cards right, how people without children need to stop bitchin bout being busy, Gen Z trying to cancel everything, the world of synch licensing, and why no one cares about the royal family. We also get an amazing opportunity to interview Mike Fish, who is not only an amazing rapper, producer, skater, and overall human being but he’s also been part of our extended fam for the past 6 years. He just dropped an incredible album titled “train tracks” available on all DSP’s with a brand new music video out now on Youtube. 

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